Trade Finance: Lifeblood of Asia's Economic Spirit

Head of Trade Finance Steven Beck explains how ADB's trade finance program supports economic growth, job creation and ultimately poverty alleviation efforts in developing countries across Asia and the Pacific. Watch Video

Development Effectiveness Report 2012: Private Sector Operations

This fourth annual report on the development effectiveness of ADB’s private sector operations reviews how the Private Sector Operations Department has contributed to promoting ADB’s development effectiveness agenda. Read More

Financing Adaptation and Mitigation

Asia and the Pacific face a monumental challenge in finding the funding needed to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Read More

Drivers of Change: Power of the Private Sector

ADB is reviewing its approach to working with the private sector, which ranges from catalyzing investment to offering a range of financing instruments. Read More


As a catalyst for private investments, ADB provides direct financial assistance to private sector projects. While ADB’s participation is usually limited, it leverages a large amount of funds from commercial sources to finance these projects.

Projects must also have clear development impacts and/or demonstration effects that go beyond the benefits captured in the financial rate of return.

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Facts and Figures

$4.54 billion
Nonsovereign operations in 2013

$4.43 billion
Value of private sector approvals in 2013

$1.6 billion 
Private sector approvals financed by ADB in 2013


Seed Capital Assistance Facility

Harmonized Results Indicators

The agreement among 25 international financial institutions aims to harmonize data collection on private sector operations. Read the memorandum of agreement.