Beyond Success: Impacts of ADB-AFD Cofinanced Projects in Viet Nam

This publication, a collaboration between ADB and Agence Française de Développement, captures true stories about development in Viet Nam. Read More

Partnering for Development: Donor Report 2013

This report covers the wide range of financing options available to partners seeking to expand their commitment to developing Asia and the Pacific and to support ADB’s core areas of operations under its long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020. Read More

ADB Approves $21.02 Billion in Financing in 2013

The substantial lending volume reflects Asia’s continued need for development assistance, despite impressive growth and poverty reduction efforts in recent years. Read More

UK Commits £11.8 Million For New Regional Health Trust Fund

The United Kingdom has committed £11.8 million to the newly established Regional Malaria and Other Communicable Disease Threats Trust Fund to help ADB's developing members combat malaria and other communicable diseases. Read More


ADB offers a range of financial products that help developing member countries (DMCs) build economic growth and social development. These tools include loans, technical assistance, and grants.

Public sector (sovereign) financing is extended to DMC governments and public sector entities, such as state-owned enterprises. Sovereign lending or financing secured by a government guarantee forms the greater part of ADB’s development assistance.

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$16.48 billion (2013)
the value of sovereign approvals

$6.65 billion (2013)
the value of official cofinancing loans, grants, and technical assistance (TA) grants


The Loan and Grant Financial Information Services (LFIS) website provides online information on loans and grants basic data, summaries, status of withdrawal applications, contract ledgers, disbursement data and reports to internal and authorized external users. Visit website