Country Safeguard Systems

ADB helps developing member countries (DMCs) strengthen their safeguard systems and develop their capacity to address environmental and social issues in development projects.

Country safeguard systems refer to the laws, regulations, rules, and procedures on the policy areas of environment, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous peoples safeguards, and their implementing institutions.

Since the approval of the Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) in 2009, ADB has been providing technical assistance to help strengthen the legal and institutional framework for effectively implementing safeguards.

Strengthening country safeguard systems


Since 2009, ADB has been rendering technical assistance (TA) amounting to $25.875 million toward strengthening and effectively implementing country safeguard systems.

Workshops and conferences


The Country Safeguard Systems Regional Workshop: Towards Common Approaches and Better Results was held on 18 and 19 April 2012 to share knowledge and experiences and to promote common approaches and partnerships to strengthen country systems for addressing environmental and social issues. It was attended by representatives 15 developing member countries, 9 bilateral and multilateral agencies, civil society, and the private sector.

On 9-10 June 2010, the Regional Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment in Asia: Good Practices and Capacity Needs was held to provide a comprehensive overview of the current status of EIA policy and practice internationally and within the region. The workshop was attended by senior environmental agency officials and technical experts from 20 countries across Asia and the Pacific, international EIA experts, and representatives from MDBs and bilateral agencies.

TA 7566: Strengthening and Use of Country Safeguard Systems


This technical assistance supports activities that help align country safeguard systems with international good practices through a series of country-driven subprojects. Approved subprojects include:

TA 7566 builds on the work of TA 6285: Strengthening Country Safeguard Systems (2005-2010) which developed and tested an approach and methodology for reviewing country safeguard systems.