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The People’s Republic of China is one of the world’s greatest economic success stories, but the country requires a sharper, knowledge-driven development strategy to lift the country to high-income status, says a new ADB report.

PNG’s Nationwide Microbank and ADB's Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative have agreed to join forces to assist women in two small fishing villages to gain entrepreneurial skills and take their produce to market.

ADB and World Bank signed a memorandum of agreement to harmonize their support for the Philippine government’s flagship program to rebuild areas devastated by super-typhoon Yolanda, known internationally as Haiyan. 

The 9th Asia Clean Energy Forum today saw the launch of a Sustainable Energy for All hub for Asia Pacific, aimed at mobilizing investment and finding innovative ways to bring clean, modern energy to the people of Asia and the Pacific.

Twenty-six Philippine hotels, resorts, and various tourism industry associations have received skills development grants to upgrade the quality of services of their respective tourism workers.

ADB and the International School of Economics today launched ADB's first Depository Library in Georgia, placed within the ISET library.

ADB welcomes the passing of a new Secured Transactions Act in Palau, which will make it easier for local people to conduct business in the island nation. ADB supported the drafting of the Act, which was prepared following extensive consultations.

Getting banking services to all of the region’s poor by 2020 is possible – albeit daunting – if leadership from the public and private sectors work together to boost financial literacy and increase investment in infrastructure and technology, delegates at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) heard today.

Frequent flooding in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) must be anticipated and managed so that people living in flood-affected areas can find ways to adjust to flood cycles, a new report from the Asian Development Bank says.

ADB is providing a $20 million equivalent loan to help Mongolia improve the quality of its higher education system and increase enrollment by youth from poor, remote communities.