Policies and Strategies

ADB's Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy addresses natural, technological, and environmental hazards, as well as health emergencies and post-conflict situations. The policy focuses on:

  • strengthening support for reducing disaster risk in developing member countries,
  • providing rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance following disasters, and
  • developing partnerships.

An accompanying Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy Action Plan was approved in 2008 to enhance implementation of the original policy.

In April 2014, ADB approved the Operational Plan for Integrated Disaster Risk Management, 2014-2020, succeeding the 2008 Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy Action Plan. The new operational plan recognizes the importance of reducing disaster risk in both the immediate and long term, taking the possible effects of climate change into account. It also highlights the urgent need to enhance the management of residual disaster risk, including through the establishment of adequate disaster risk financing arrangements. The operational plan outlines a series of actions to address these needs, focusing on institutionalizing integrated disaster risk management, strengthening capacity and knowledge, investing in disaster resilience, and engaging stakeholders.