Policies and Strategies

ADB's Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy (DEAP, 2004) is a comprehensive policy encompassing natural, technological, and environmental hazards; health emergencies; and post-conflict situations. The Policy establishes a series of objectives focusing on:

  •  strengthening support for reducing disaster risk in developing member countries (DMCs);
  •  providing rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance following disasters; and
  •  leveraging ADB's activities by developing partnerships.

An accompanying DEAP Action Plan was approved in 2008, focusing on developing approaches to mainstream disaster risk management within ADB's operational practice. Accordingly, disaster resilience is captured in many sectoral and thematic plans and programs, such as the Water Operational Plan, the Urban Operational Plan, the Financial Sector Operational Plan, and the Priorities for Addressing Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific.

Country-specific climate change and disaster risk management checklists and project disaster risk screening tools have also been introduced in several developing member countries to ensure that investment decisions consider disaster risk and maximize related risk reduction opportunities.