Cash-for-work Program Kickstarts Community Life in Typhoon Haiyan-hit Philippines

Cash-for-work program is providing an income lifeline for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in Central Philippines, empowering them to rebuild communities with their own hands. Read More

Live Online Chat - Supporting Women's Contribution to the Fight against Climate Change

ADB's Linda Adams, Lauren Sorkin and Natalie Harms were joined by climate finance specialist Liane Schalatek (Heinrich Boell Foundation) in a live web chat to discuss challenges and opportunities of making climate finance more effective and equitable by targeting women. Read More

ADB Headquarters Now Powered by Renewable Energy

ADB's Manila headquarters has cut its carbon footprint nearly in half by switching to geothermal and solar energy. Read More

Economic Costs of Rising Sea Levels in Asia and the Pacific

The coastal areas of Asia and the Pacific are vulnerable to storm surges, coastal erosion, flooding, and inundation resulting from sea-level rise and climate change. Read More


Meeting global demand for energy and natural resources is destabilizing our climate, and threatening the development and security of Asia and the Pacific. The poor are particularly vulnerable to these changes and are already suffering from rising sea levels and increasingly devastating storms, droughts, and floods. Combined with other strains on the environment, these forces could reverse hard-won development gains.

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Fast Facts

7 out of 10
nations at greatest risk to climate change and natural disasters are in Asia and the Pacific Source

$19.9 trillion
total investments needed to deploy advanced energy-efficient technologies and low-carbon-emitting power generation in Asia and the Pacific Source

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