Climate Change Threatens South Asian Growth Prospects

Droughts, floods and extreme weather events could cost South Asian nations up to 9% of their economy every year by the end of this century, says ADB report. Read More

Investing in Asia's Environmental Technology Sector

Private investors join ADB in the launch of a $400 million fund dedicated to investing in renewable energy, clean technology, and supporting climate-friendly companies. Read More

Climate Change: Finding Solutions

Countries in Asia and the Pacific need help in their efforts to slow climate change and adapt to its impacts. This includes grants and low-interest loans, as well as partnerships that mobilize money from governments, organizations and private companies. Read More


Meeting global demand for energy and natural resources is destabilizing our climate, and threatening the development and security of Asia and the Pacific. The poor are particularly vulnerable to these changes and are already suffering from rising sea levels and increasingly devastating storms, droughts, and floods. Combined with other strains on the environment, these forces could reverse hard-won development gains.

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Fast Facts

7 out of 10
nations at greatest risk to climate change and natural disasters are in Asia and the Pacific Source

$19.9 trillion
total investments needed to deploy advanced energy-efficient technologies and low-carbon-emitting power generation in Asia and the Pacific Source

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