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ADB and Government of Tonga have signed a $23.1 million grant agreement to fund the Climate Resilience Sector Project, which will systematically incorporate climate resilience into national planning processes and strengthen Tonga’s capacity to develop, finance, implement, and monitor pilot investments aimed at climate-proofing infrastructure and improving ecosystem resilience.

Improved urban management in the Pacific region can boost living standards and resilience to climate change, according to a new report from ADB.

Tonga will use a a $23.1 million grant from ADB to strengthen its capacity to develop, finance, implement, and monitor investments through pilot projects aimed at improving eco-system resilience and climate-proofing infrastructure.

ADB, the Government of the United Kingdom (UK), and the Rockefeller Foundation are teaming up to help Asia's fast growing secondary cities protect their urban poor from the ravages of climate change.

The economic loss suffered by the Pacific region could range from 2.9% to as high as 12.7% of annual GDP by 2100, according to a new study from ADB.

Fiji’s losses from the impacts of climate change could reach 4% of its annual GDP by 2100, as higher temperatures and more extreme weather events hit agriculture and the broader economy, says a new ADB study.

Papua New Guinea’s economy is likely to suffer the biggest losses in the Pacific from climate change, says a new ADB study.

A potential 2°C rise in temperature, a pickup in extreme winds and tropical storms, and a possible sea level rise of up to 1.25 meters could cost Samoa’s economy as much as 3.8% of its annual GDP by 2100, says a new ADB study.

Agriculture, fisheries and other sectors of the economy will take a severe hit in the face of more extreme temperatures and other climate change-linked events, triggering economic losses of up to 4.7% of annual GDP in Solomon Islands by 2100, says a new ADB study.

Economic losses from climate change could reach as much as 10% of Timor-Leste’s annual GDP by 2100, making it one of the worst hit in the Pacific, says a new ADB study.