Programs and Initiatives


Carbon Market Program

The Carbon Market Program (CMP) is one of ADB's flagship initiatives to mitigate climate change under its overall Climate Change Program. It is an innovative financing scheme that supports the development of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects (e.g. renewable energy, energy efficiency) in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific that are eligible under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol (KP). It builds on and adds value to ADB's sustainable development focus in core public and private financing activities. Brochure

Cities Development Initiative for Asia

Providing advisory and capacity-building support on climate-friendly city development. CDI-Asia Website

Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

Promoting a reduction in vehicle emissions through improved fuel quality, vehicle maintenance, emission control technology, alternative fuels, and better traffic management. This is a regional network jointly launched by ADB and the World Bank in 2001 and is now an independent organization based in Manila. CAI Website

Energy for All Initiative

Promoting expanded access by the poor to modern and clean forms of energy. More

Energy Efficiency Initiative

Providing innovative financing mechanisms for clean energy investments with the aim to invest $1billion per year on clean energy development programs from 2008 to 2010. More

Sustainable Transport Initiative

Providing advice and financing for innovative public transport schemes that will cut greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants. More


Addressing Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region

This project is gathering knowledge and producing a series of publications covering key climate change challenges facing Asia and the Pacific such as energy and climate change, adaptation in the agriculture sector, and migration and climate migrants. More

Central Asia Countries Initiative for Land Management

Restoring, maintaining, and enhancing the productive functions of land in Central Asia. More

Climate Change Adaptation Program for the Pacific

Examined the special risks faced and adaptation approaches and measures needed in low-lying island states, and ADB is following up on implementing strategies identified. More

Promoting Climate Change Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific

Promoting an improved understanding by participating governments of the necessary actions they must take to adapt to climate change through the adoption of investment programs, plans, and policies. More

Regional partnerships for climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness

Will seek to increase the financial resilience of participating Pacific Island countries to the effects of natural disasters. More

Water for All

This vision and policy is supported by ADB's water financing program, which is working to increase investments and support reforms, capacity development, and regional cooperation in the water sector. More

Knowledge hubs

The ADB-supported "knowledge hubs" program aims to create partnerships with the region's leading institutes to produce long-term research and knowledge that will be useful to the public and private sectors of developing Asia. ADB has been working for about a decade with its wide range of partners across Asia and the Pacific to build knowledge of the causes and impacts of climate change and how they can combated.