Green Justice in Asia and the Pacific

Poor management of natural resources and corruption have had a destructive impact on the region’s ecological systems. While different countries have different capabilities in dealing with environmental cases, all judiciaries in Asia and the Pacific have the responsibility to uphold and enforce environmental laws and encourage green justice through knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Green Justice in Asia and the Pacific: 12 Things to Know

ADB is helping countries in Asia and the Pacific promote environmental justice.

South Asia Conference on Environmental Justice

Bringing together legal stakeholders in South Asia to focus on compliance with environmental laws.

Natural Resources Conservation in Asia - ADB's Take

The Asia-Pacific holds vast natural resources, which, if managed sustainably, can support economic development.

Asian Judges: Green Courts and Tribunals, and Environmental Justice

Addressing Asia and the Pacific's many environmental challenges in policy and regulatory frameworks.

Inaugural Asia-Pacific Dialogue on Clean Energy Governance, Policy, and Regulation

Lessons learned from countries' clean energy policy and regulatory measures and approaches.

Asian Judges Symposium on Environmental Decision Making, the Rule of Law, and Environmental Justice: Proceedings

Environmental adjudication on environment and natural resource cases in Asia.

Environmental Governance and the Courts in Asia: An Asian Judges Network on the Environment

A summary of ADB's work with the Asian courts at the regional level, subregional level, and national level.

Green Benches: What can the People's Republic of China Learn from Environment Courts of Other Countries?

Examining the effectiveness of environment courts in the People's Republic of China and elsewhere.

Why Invest in Natural Capital?

Investing in "natural capital" is one of the four key thrusts of ADB's Environment Operational Directions for 2013-2020.