ADB Headquarters Now Powered by Renewable Energy

ADB's Manila headquarters has cut its carbon footprint nearly in half by switching to geothermal and solar energy. Read More

Transportation in Asia: Keeping the Rio+20 Promise

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Bhutan's Hydropower Brings Energy and Development

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Economic Costs of Rising Sea Levels in Asia and the Pacific

The coastal areas of Asia and the Pacific are vulnerable to storm surges, coastal erosion, flooding, and inundation resulting from sea-level rise and climate change. Read More


Environmental sustainability is a prerequisite for economic growth and poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific. ADB's long-term strategic framework for 2008-2020 (or Strategy 2020) identifies environmentally sustainable growth as a key strategic development agenda, and environment as a core area for support. ADB’s, Environment Operational Directions 2013–2020, identifies four mutually supportive operational directions: promoting a shift to sustainable infrastructure, investing in natural capital, strengthening environmental governance and management capacity, and responding to climate change.

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Fast Facts

Almost $30 billion
projects from 2001-2012 supported by ADB had environmental sustainability as a theme Source

Over 50%
of soils that have been degraded by deforestation are situated in Asia Source

the year when underground reserves of iron, cobalt, platinum and palladium are projected to be close to exhaustion Source