12-14 May 2014 - The India Resident Mission (INRM) and the Ministry of Women and Child Development organized a gender mainstreaming conference on 12 May that was proceeded by a two-day workshop. Read More
12-13 April - ADB's Central and West Asia Department organized the workshop which was held in the town of Masalli and was attended by 15 local women living within the vicinity of the ADB-funded Masalli-Astara road project. The participants were introduced to the basics of business startups and topics covered registration process for entrepreneurs, business taxes, communications, and micro loan procedures with banks and microfinance institutions. Read More
31 March 2014 - The launch featured five joint publications by the ADB, International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Philippine Commission on Women (for the Philippine report) on promoting gender equality in the labor market in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines and the related good global legal, economic, and social practices. Read More
27 March 2013 - Pakistan Resident Mission (PRM) Country Director Werner Liepach reaffirmed ADB’s commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment at the Interagency Gender and Development Group meeting at the ADB PRM. During the meeting, ADB outlined priority areas for engaging with the government, donors, civil society organizations and other major stakeholders to further Pakistan’s gender and development agenda. Read More
26 March 2014 - At a panel in celebration of annual Gender Month at ADB and International Women's Day 2014, Ratna Osman, Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS), Malaysia, discussed gender equality within Islam and the challenges of advancing gender equality within religion. Read More
20 March 2014 - James Lang, Coordinator of Partners for Prevention, shared the findings from the “UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence”, a survey of 10,000 men in six countries focusing especially on Bangladesh, Cambodia and the People's Republic of China. The study highlights the prevalence and patterns of male violence against women and uncovers what drives some men to use violence, and how we can prevent it. Read More
24 March 2014 -- The ADB project "Promoting Gender Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asian Developing Member Countries" launched a video in the Kyrgyz Republic that is aimed at destigmatizing young women who opt to train for technical or skilled occupations. Read More
12 March 2014 -- With the theme "Inspiring Change", International Women’s Day 2014 at ADB was celebrated with guest speakers Mary Anne Gale and Maria Carmela Alvarez delivering messages on the theme. Read More
6 March 2014 -- At a panel to commemorate International Women's Day 2014 and Gender Month at ADB, UN Women Asia-Pacific Regional Director Roberta Clarke spoke about the challenges of advancing gender equality within the framework of the MDGs. Read More
5 March 2014 -- Although Nauru is perceived as a traditionally matriarchal society there are significant challenges in advancing gender equality. ADB is assisting the Ministry of Home Affairs in the development of a National Women's Policy for Nauru. Read More