Activities to Support Gender and Development

28 October 2014

Improving women’s participation in Regional Cooperation and Integration in South Asia

ADB hosted the Validation Forum on Gender Dimensions of Regional Cooperation and Integration in South Asia on 28-29 October 2014 at the ADB Headquarters, to take stock of progress made in mainstreaming gender in regional, bilateral and country policies and legal frameworks within the South Asian region. The forum validated the results of the two studies, "Gender, Trade, and Green Growth in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal" by ADB and UN Women, and "Gender and Safe Mobility: Promising Global and Regional Practices" by ADB and IOM with funding from the Australia-ADB South Asia Development Partnership Facility.

9 October 2014

Workshop on Gender Equality Results in ADB Operations held in Sri Lanka

Project directors and project management unit staff attended a workshop on "Enhancing Gender Equality Results in ADB Operations" in Colombo. Said participants are responsible for gender and social inclusion aspects of ADB-financed infrastructure projects such as water supply and sanitation, energy, and transport. They discussed practical experiences on gender action plans and challenges to realizing gender-related results in ADB-financed projects.

6 October 2014

ADB hosts the Central and West Asia subregional seminar workshop on gender mainstreaming in Tashkent

Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Elmira Basitkhanova (Chairperson of the Uzbekistan Women's Committee) and Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM) Country Director Takeo Konishi opened the subregional seminar workshop on gender mainstreaming in Tashkent. The 2-day event aimed to build the capacity of the 28 representatives from executive and implementing agencies, NGOs, and national women's agencies in the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Senior Advisor (Gender), Shireen Lateef, Senior Social Development Specialist (Gender and Development) Shanny Campbell and URM Senior Social Development Officer (Gender) Mekhri Khudayberdiyeva led the training team. View the  agenda and related project.

24 September 2014

ADB and Government of Nepal sign agreement to establish women and children service centers

Nepal Country Director Kenichi Yokoyama and Ministry of Finance Joint Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini signed the agreement for additional cofinancing that would expand support for establishing women and children service centers from just 5 to 20 districts of Nepal. Present during the signing were Head of DFID, Nepal, Gali Marzetti. The project is being supported by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID), Gender and Development Cooperation Fund (GDCF), and ADB Technical Assistance Fund (TASF).

The ongoing project, JFPR 9135/DFID 2077 NEP: Establishing Women and Children Service Centers, has been providing integrated access to justice and social support services to women and children survivors of violence and abuse. Effective since 2010, the project has been successfully implemented in Kathmandu and five districts of Nepal. The additional cofinancing in the amount of $3.2 million from DFID, $300,000 from ADB TASF, and $300,000 from GDCF signed in September will expand these services to 15 additional districts.

16 September 2014

ADB sponsors Tajikistan women entrepreneur contest Farah-2014

ADB is co-sponsoring the national contest Farah-2014, which recognizes and provides awards to successful women entrepreneurs. Rigorous selection is underway among 320 contestants. ADB will also sponsor participation of the contest winners in a mini-MBA course tailored to women entrepreneurs' needs. Read the  press release.

1 September 2014

ADB hosts Asia Women Leaders Program in Seoul

ADB co-hosted the Asia Women Leaders Program in Seoul, Korea with the Korean Women's Development Institute. The flagship event was attended by 25 senior women officials from 16 countries, mostly from finance and planning ministries. The participants received leadership training in effective communications, negotiation, and coalition building and discussed how women's leadership in the region can be enhanced. VPKM Senior Advisor for Gender Shireen Lateef opened the 4-day program. Read the news release.

26 August 2014

Gender and Energy in Sri Lanka

ADB and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) jointly conducted a workshop on the topic "Towards Sustainable Energy for All: Addressing pro-poor, social and gender challenges in the power sector" in Colombo. Over 20 officials from CEB, Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) and National Planning Department (NPD) participated to discuss gender-responsive and socially inclusive energy projects.

Discussed were basic concepts on gender; linkages between energy and gender concerns; and gender entry points in energy sub-sectors. The participants discussed socially inclusive and gender responsive interventions in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity; the policy and institutional changes necessary to address gender issues in the energy sector; and human resource development required for such initiatives.

25 August 2014

Bhutan launches Gender Equality Diagnostic

Dorji Choden, Minister for Works and Human Settlement and the National Commission for Women and Children Chairperson, launched the Bhutan Gender Equality Diagnostic of Selected Sectors in Thimpu, Bhutan. The launch was held in conjunction with the Third Multi-Stakeholder Forum: Role and Contribution of Women in Economic Development. Around 90 government, NGO, private sector, development partner, and media representatives attended the event.

Published jointly by ADB, the United Nations (UN) and the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC), the Bhutan Gender Equality Diagnostic of Selected Sectors looked at opportunities for gender mainstreaming in the eight priority sectors, namely: agriculture, and rural livelihoods; education; energy; environment; private sector development; transport; urban development; and work, and unemployment.

17 July 2014

Rural Women's Entrepreneurship in Kyrgyz Republic

Through RETA 7563: Promoting Gender-Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia Project, ADB held the Second National Conference on Rural Women's Entrepreneurship Development in Naryn town, Kyrgyz Republic. The conference not only highlighted the contribution of women entrepreneurs to the economy but also provided an avenue for the private sector to dialogue with government on the challenges confronting rural women entrepreneurs during business start ups and expansions. 120 participants from the public sector, women entrepreneurs, experts, civil society organizations, and business associations concluded the conference with a list of suggested short- and long-term priority action points for the government.

The participants were also briefed on the ongoing JFPR Grant: Women's Entrepreneurship Development Project and a forthcoming pilot project under RETA 7563, the latter aims to set up an SMS-based information alert service for businesswomen.

16 July 2014

ADB holds Gender Action Plan Monitoring Workshop in Vientiane

Lao Resident Mission (LRM) Country Director Sandra Nicoll gave remarks at the ADB-financed workshop on gender action plan (GAP) monitoring. Over 60 project team members from executing agencies and LRM staff attended the workshop to discuss issues, share lessons, and develop skills for successful implementation, monitoring, and reporting of GAP. LRM's Theonakhet Saphakdy facilitated the event. Read the opening remarks by the Department of International Cooperation Director General Sisomboun Ounavong and workshop agenda.