Bangladesh: Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) in Secondary Education - 2010

Initiatives concerned with the quality of teaching and learning provide a range of opportunities to address the disadvantages girls face in the classroom—this can be pursued, for example, through teacher awareness, increased numbers of female teachers, leadership from head teachers, and better informed school management committees.

Mainstream projects can learn from and build on the knowledge and innovations generated by projects with a gender equality focus—mainstream projects have the reach and resources to achieve much broader implementation than is usually possible with the more limited resources and time frames of projects with a gender equality focus.

Targets are important means of highlighting objectives, but a critical element of target-setting is the analysis of the current situation and of what is reasonable and possible to achieve in a specific time frame. Project contributions to the development of data systems provide important opportunities to ensure that these systems generate the data required to assess gender disparities (differences between women and men) and progress in addressing these disparities. Read more.