Carola Donner-Reichle, Senior Advisor at ADB’s Regional and Sustainable Development Department, speaks to ADB.org about the need to mitigate the social and economic impact of climate change.

An ADB-supported project in Lao PDR helps some of the country’s most vulnerable women get the most out of their animals—and empowers women in the process.

An infrastructure project in Nepal gives women a chance to earn much needed cash incomes by offering job opportunities usually considered 'men's work.'

Very poor families receive cash to send their children to school and access healthcare in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.

Self-help groups help rural Nepali women lease land and grow high value vegetables when rice fields are fallow. Now families can earn income between rice seasons.

In Georgia, ADB is supporting the mainstreaming of gender concerns into its water and sanitation project with the help of civil society organizations.

A project in Cambodia is helping some of the country's poorest women and families put food on the table, and is building better emergency response systems.

A project supporting Indonesia's vocational and technical education system helps students from low-income families achieve their career goals.

An ADB-supported project in Lao PDR helps keep mothers and babies safe and healthy during childbirth.

An ADB-supported education project has been getting some of the poorest children in Lao PDR back into the classroom—and for longer.