Women in the Workplace: Breaking through Asia's Glass Ceiling

Economic growth is yet to translate into more and better work opportunities for women in Asia and the Pacific. Read More

Ending Violence against Women in Asia and the Pacific

Violence against women not only affects their mental and physical well-being, but it also carries staggering social and economic costs. Read More

Live Online Chat - Supporting Women's Contribution to the Fight against Climate Change

ADB's Linda Adams, Lauren Sorkin and Natalie Harms were joined by climate finance specialist Liane Schalatek (Heinrich Boell Foundation) in a live web chat to discuss challenges and opportunities of making climate finance more effective and equitable by targeting women. Read More

Tomorrow's Women Water Leaders in Lao PDR

Scholarships for young women in Lao People's Democratic Republic are helping today's students become tomorrow's women water leaders. Read More

Closing the Gender Gap

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are essential for meeting Asia’s aspirations of inclusive and sustainable development. Gender equality needs to be pursued in its own right for a just and equal society, and for better development outcomes - inclusive growth, faster poverty reduction and accelerated progress towards Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) attainment.

ADB has placed gender equality at the “front and center” of its development agenda. Promoting “gender equity” is included as one of the 5 drivers of change in ADB's Strategy 2020. ADB recognizes that without harnessing the talents, human capital and economic potential of women, Asia’s goals of poverty reduction and sustainable development will not be met.

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Key Statistics

1 in 3
girls in developing countries is married before reaching age 18. Half of these are in Asia. Source

of women globally report experiencing physical intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. Source

Up 14%
Narrowing gender gaps in employment could push per capita income in emerging markets up 14% higher by 2020. Source