Law and Policy Reform

Ensuring voice, opportunity, and justice in Asia and the Pacific

ADB helps develop legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as policy and institutional environments, that foster economic activity and sustainable development.

“Law and policy reform” is the term used by ADB to refer to reform initiatives aimed at addressing institutional and structural impediments to fighting poverty. Such initiatives target laws, policies, and institutions that can either promote or hinder economic, social, and human development. They aim to promote good governance, establish rule of law, create a legal and policy environment that fosters sustainable economic growth, and protect basic rights and freedoms.

ADB's engagement in law and policy reform

ADB’s LPR work focuses on creating a legal environment that fosters economic growth—one that establishes rule of law and resolves disputes relating to contractual or property rights. ADB believes that rule of law is also necessary to enable individual, social, and economic development.  ADB’s Poverty Reduction Strategy has redefined poverty as being beyond the mere lack of material resources, extending to lack of power and choice. Without addressing policies and institutions that exclude the poor and vulnerable from partaking of the benefits of economic development, poverty will continue to exist.