Funds and Initiatives

Funding innovations for poverty reduction

To promote innovation and support capacity development for poverty reduction in partner countries, ADB administers special multi-donor poverty funds.

Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR)

Japan established the JFPR in May 2000 to provide grants for projects supporting poverty reduction and related social development activities that can add value to projects financed by ADB. In 2010, the JFPR expanded its scope of grant assistance to provide technical assistance grants in addition to project grants. More

Poverty Reduction Cooperation Fund (PRF)

The PRF was established in July 2002 to assist ADB in reducing poverty in its developing member countries (DMCs). It supports technical assistance and small-scale pilot investment projects with a contribution of $62 million from Department for International Development (DFID). More

Poverty and Environment Fund (PEF)

The PEF is a multi-donor umbrella facility that will promote the mainstreaming of environment objectives in ADB operations and poverty reduction strategies, plans, programs, and projects of  developing member countries (DMCs). The PEF will provide a dedicated source of grant financing for collaborative approaches between ADB, other funding agencies, donors and DMCs to purposefully address poverty-environment linkages in Asia and the Pacific. More

PRC Regional Cooperation and Poverty Reduction Fund

The People's Republic of China (PRC) Regional Cooperation and Poverty Reduction Fund was established in 25 March 2005 to promote regional cooperation as a core component of the agenda to reduce poverty among the developing member countries (DMCs) of ADB. It focuses on regional initiatives with poverty reduction impact related to economic growth, private sector development, good governance, and regional public goods. More

Cooperation Fund in Support of the Formulation and Implementation of National Poverty Reduction Strategies (NPRS)

The fund is an umbrella facility for multiple donors aimed to help mitigate the constraints encountered by many ADB developing member countries (DMC) governments when initiating the formulation and implementation of the national poverty reduction strategy (NPRS). The fund will finance a coherent program aimed at assisting selected DMCs in formulating and implementing their NPRSs, while enhancing ADB’s added value in this area. More