The Growth Conundrum

Wealth gaps amid growth in three giant economies: People's Republic of China, India, and Indonesia. Read More

Food Stamp Program Focuses Aid on Poorest Families in Mongolia

An ADB-supported program is helping Mongolia identify and assist the poorest people in the country. Read More

Trees Provide Income and Preserve Land in Pakistan

A sustainable livelihood project in Pakistan is boosting poor farmers’ income and protecting their land from erosion. Read More

Workshop on Rural-Urban Poverty Linkages in Asia, 2-4 September 2014

The workshop will discuss different decentralization models for urbanization and their impact on poverty and inclusiveness in megacities, peri-urban areas, and smaller towns. Read More

Poverty Reduction: Promoting Inclusive Pro-Poor Growth

Remarkable economic and social gains in Asia and the Pacific over the last few decades lifted millions from poverty but too many have been left behind. The region remains home to two-thirds of the world's poor, their ranks further deepened by loss of employment and reduced incomes from the 2008 global financial crisis.

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Facts and Figures

the year Asia achieved the Millennium Development Goal income poverty target, well ahead of the 2015 deadline. Source

number of developing member countries where over 10% of the population still lives in extreme poverty Source