Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth has emerged as a new development paradigm in many countries. It embraces both income and non-income dimensions of well-being. Inclusive growth is - along with regional integration and environmentally sustainable growth - a strategic agenda of ADB. More

Environments of the Poor

Poverty of opportunities, bad living conditions, and insecurity are often related to environmental degradation. The poor - both urban and rural - are often the biggest victims of environmental degradation. At the same time, poverty exacerbates ecological problems. ADB's approach to environment related poverty considers the immediate needs of the poor affected by a degraded, hazardous, and marginal environment. More

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The MDGs are a set of time-bound and measurable targets for combating problems such as poverty, hunger, disease, environmental degradation and discrimination against women. For each goal, one or more targets have been set, mostly for 2015, using 1990 as a benchmark. Indicators have been identified to measure progress against each target. More