A strong and dynamic private sector is a vital component for economic growth, and thus essential for poverty reduction in the Asia and Pacific region. ADB has long focused on the role of the private sector in development. ADB will invest in infrastructure and advise governments on the basics of a business-friendly environment, including reliable rules, regulations and policies that do not disadvantage private sector enterprise.

ADB's primary goal is to help developing member countries (DMCs) promote economic growth, improve standards of living, and tackle poverty. It works with DMCs to promote private sector activity and build economies that meet the primary requirements of private sector investors: certainty, predictability, and confidence.

The private sector creates jobs, integrates new technologies, improves productivity, and raises incomes. Through the payment of taxes it enables governments to invest in public goods and services, including basic social services like health care and education.

Globalization and international economic integration has increased the appetite for private sector development in many ADB countries. Thus, ADB must renew its strategic framework and business model, sharpen its market orientation and be more responsive to its clients’ needs to effectively support this development.