Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Numbers Approval Date
Irrigation Management Improvement Investment Program Loan 3135 30 Jun 2014
Investment Climate Improvement Grant 0393 19 Jun 2014
Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project Grant 0392 17 Jun 2014
Selected Evaluation Studies for 2014 TA 8653 21 May 2014
Skills for Employment Investment Program
19 May 2014
Strengthening Evaluation and Fiscal Cost Management of Public-Private Partnerships TA 8650 15 May 2014
Strengthening Institutions for a Better Investment Climate TA 8651 14 May 2014
Chongqing Vocational Training Information Management Platform Development TA 8646 12 May 2014
Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program (formerly Energy Sector Program Loan) Loan 3126 24 Apr 2014
Developing PPP Capacities in Selected State Governments & Governmental Agencies I TA 7463 21 Apr 2014
Project Name Type of Assistance Posting Date
Enhancing Public-Private Partnerships in Pakistan (Provincial Support)
26 Jun 2014
Supporting Kerala's Additional Skill Acquisition Program Loan 19 Jun 2014
NAM NGIEP 1 HYDROPOWER PROJECT Private Sector Loan and Equity 23 May 2014
MFF-Clean Energy Finance Investment Program Loan 5 May 2014
Innovative Municipal Financing Facility for India Loan 24 Apr 2014
Preparing an Enabling Environment for Private Sector Participation in Azerbaijan?s Power Sector TA 23 Apr 2014
CAREC Power Sector Financing Roadmap Study TA 16 Apr 2014
ReNew Power Investment Project Private Sector Loan and Equity 15 Apr 2014
Green Power Development Project II
2 Apr 2014
Oltin Yo'l Gas to Liquids Project Private Sector Loan and Equity 1 Apr 2014

Project records are listed by actual or planned approval date. They contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs) as well as project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other project related information. Information about proposed projects is tentative and indicative (e.g. approval dates).