A project supporting Indonesia's vocational and technical education system helps students from low-income families achieve their career goals.

An ADB-supported education project has been getting some of the poorest children in Lao PDR back into the classroom—and for longer.

With this television advertisement campaign, the Philippines celebrated World Teachers Day last October to demonstrate appreciation of teachers. In reality, however, teachers, especially those working in public schools, need more help to feel they are valued.

An ADB-supported project in Cambodia has given some of the country's poorest women a chance to change their lives.

Research shows that quick revival of social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals can fast-track the return to normalcy, facilitate restoration of economic activities, and increase the resilience to cope with future disasters.

Public information centers—jointly financed by ADB and the World Bank—have opened up a world of learning opportunities for students like Tuok Neang.

Bangladesh has high primary school enrollment rates and equally high drop out rates for older students. A revitalization of the country's education system aims to keep students in school.

New bridges are making travel easier across the hills of Bangladesh, and helping children stay in school.

An ADB textbook project is at the heart of education reform in Uzbekistan.

An ADB project in Uzbekistan hopes to bring education into the 21st century by providing computers, internet connectivity, and training to schools, even in rural areas.