An ADB textbook project is at the heart of education reform in Uzbekistan.

An ADB project in Uzbekistan hopes to bring education into the 21st century by providing computers, internet connectivity, and training to schools, even in rural areas.

Early childhood education programs in the Kyrgyz Republic are improving the health, nutrition, and psychosocial development of young children.

An ADB-supported middle school project is making the dream of an education a reality for Pakistan's rural girls.

Panfilov and 90 other villages in the Kyrgyz Republic benefit from ADB support for improved access to quality education that will prepare the country's children for its changing economy.

For many women across Cambodia, every day is a struggle for income. But at new women's development centers, they are learning how to make more money.

A project in rural Bangladesh provides farmers with training, data, and price information to help them maximize returns and increase the quality of produce.

In Yogyakarta's madrasahs, Indonesian girls and boys learn critical thinking skills, thanks to the Development of Madrasah Aliyahs Project.

By teaching children proper hygiene practices, a teacher educates and improves the health of poor river communities.

A hardship-prone province in the Philippines topped rankings in national secondary school exams through an innovative curriculum and alternative approaches.