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Asia Bond Market Expanding; Housing Bonds, Green Bonds are Potential Growth Areas

The local currency bond markets in emerging economies in East Asia continued to expand over the first quarter of 2019 despite trade conflicts and moderating global growth, according to the ADB’s latest issue of the Asia Bond Monitor. Housing bonds and green bonds are potential areas of future growth, the quarterly report said.

Asia Bond Market Expanding; Housing Bonds, Green Bonds are Potential Growth Areas

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High-Level Technology Fund

The High-Level Technology (HLT) Fund is a multi-donor trust fund that provides grant financing to promote the integration of HLT and innovative solutions into ADB-financed and administered sovereign and nonsovereign projects.


Why Infrastructure Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth - Bambang Susantono

Did you know that 75% of the infrastructure that will be required globally in 2050 has yet to be built? That sounds daunting, but the truth is more encouraging because it presents us with a critical opportunity.

ADB's Focus on Energy

Energy demand is projected to almost double in the Asia and Pacific region by 2030. There is an urgent need for innovative ways to generate power in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable manner.

News Release

Clean Energy at Forefront of Fight Against Climate Change in Asia and Pacific

Affordable, reliable, clean energy is at the forefront of Asia and the Pacific’s development progress and at the heart of the evolution of resilient infrastructure and the fight against climate change.

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Crystal clear: Asia’s cities are finding innovative ways to clean their skies

In cities across Asia, air pollution levels are reaching alarming levels. There are workable solutions to cleaning up the air of the region’s urban areas but it will require resolve and innovation. 


Helping Cambodia Transition to Cleaner Energy

A transition to clean energy such as solar can help Cambodia address some of its development challenges.

ADB in the Capital Markets

A leading triple-A borrower in the international markets, ADB raises funds regularly through bond issues in international and domestic capital markets, reflecting strong credit fundamentals and conservative financial policies.

Institutional Document

Investor Presentation

The ADB Investor Presentation provides an overview of the Asian Development Bank, its operations, and other information relevant to prospective investors.


ADB Green Bonds Newsletter and Impact Report 2018

At least 75% of the number of ADB’s committed operations will be supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation by 2030. Climate finance from ADB’s own resources will reach $80 billion during 2019–2030.

Private Sector Financing

Private investment is key to Asia’s prosperity. ADB works with private sector clients to empower communities in many ways—like building the infrastructure they need, boosting farmer incomes, and delivering clean energy supplies.

Institutional Document

Development Effectiveness Report 2018: Private Sector Operations

This report highlights the Asian Development Bank (ADB) private sector operations’ development results in 2018 and major contributions to ADB’s Strategy 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Investing in Asia’s maiden green bonds

Green bonds are an increasingly viable option for investors in Asia, like pension and superannuation funds, looking to get involved in green sustainable financing.


Economic research and statistical work contributes to knowledge generation in ADB and help strengthen its institutional priorities and effectiveness of country operations.

ADB Data Library

The ADB Data Library is the central store for all of ADB's public data. Browse data, view visualizations and interact with APIs.