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Over $16 billion from Partners Push ADB’s Focus on Climate Action, Sustainable Development

In 2023, ADB channeled $16.4 billion in cofinancing for climate action and sustainable development in the Asia and Pacific region, alongside ADB’s commitments of $23.6 billion, according to the latest ADB Partnership report.

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ADB Operations Reach $23.6 Billion in 2023, Achieve Record Climate Finance

ADB committed $23.6 billion from its own resources in 2023, including $9.8 billion for climate action, to help Asia and the Pacific progress on sustainable development.

Addressing gender inequality continued to be a cornerstone of the bank’s work, with almost all its 2023 operations contributing to reduce remaining imbalances, including support to mitigate the disproportionate gender impacts of climate change.


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Work and Retirement of Older Persons

People in developing Asia continue working into old age. In 2021, the average labor force participation rate for people aged 65 and over was 32.0% for men, well above the OECD average, and 15.2% for women. The average share of informal workers among older people is 94%.

At the same time, the working capacity of older people in Asia is a sizable untapped resource. Formal workers typically retire as soon as they are eligible for a pension, despite a substantial increase in healthy longevity. More than 80% of men aged 60–64 are healthy enough to work, but many are not gainfully employed. The “silver dividend,” or the additional productivity that can be gained from the untapped work capacity of older people, can boost gross domestic product by up to 1.5% in the economies studied.

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