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Rising Above the Heat: Strengthening Women's Resilience to Heat Stress

As heat waves sweep across Asia and the Pacific, they take a hidden toll on women. Understanding how heat stress impacts women is essential to strengthening their resilience.

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Asia Clean Energy Forum 2024

ACEF 2024 aims to deliver practical knowledge, increased awareness, and opportunities for collaboration on financing of clean and efficient energy solutions with a wide range of clean energy practitioners from across Asia and the Pacific. The 19th edition of the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2024 will be held on 3–7 June 2024.

The theme of this year’s ACEF is “Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition and Ensuring Energy Security and Affordability – Time for Urgent Action Now”.


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Data and statistical analysis in the Asia and Pacific region contributes to knowledge generation in ADB, helping strengthen its institutional priorities and operational effectiveness in its developing member countries.

Economic Security and Pensions

Adequate financial resources are needed to ensure well-being in old age. This preparedness index shows the share of financially prepared “near-old” people—those who are about 5 years away from retirement—to be as high as 73% in India, but lower at 64% in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and 58% in the Republic of Korea. Governments need to foster greater financial literacy, inclusion, and preparedness through awareness campaigns and the promotion of retirement-focused financial products.

The contributory pension coverage is generally low. In Bangladesh, the PRC, and Viet Nam, more than half of those a receiving contributory pension belong to the wealthiest quintile. Expanding the coverage of social pensions to the poorer old is a priority.

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