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  • Video 22 Jun 2017

    Connecting Rajasthan's Solar Power to India's National Grid

    A fast-growing solar power industry in India's Rajasthan will soon be transmitting up to 8,000MW of renewable energy to the national grid. A $800 million program is supporting this effort.

  • Video 20 Jun 2017

    Half a Century of Philippines-ADB Partnership

    In a partnership that spanned 50 years, ADB has been listening to the Philippine government and its people, understanding their needs, and responding by delivering solutions to help the country achieve its development goals.

  • Publication 27 Jan 2017

    Green Growth Opportunities for Asia Green Growth Opportunities for Asia

    Asia has developed an expertise in innovation and has a comparative advantage in climate change mitigation technologies. Particular strengths include efficient lighting, photovoltaics, energy storage technologies, nuclear, and smart grids.