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COVID-19 Impact on International Migration, Remittances, and Recipient Households in Developing Asia

COVID-19 Impact on International Migration, Remittances, and Recipient Households in Developing Asia

ADB economists estimate that the region faces remittance losses ranging from $31.4 billion to $54.3 billion. To reduce the economic and social impacts, policy responses are proposed in areas such as social protection, immigration, labor, and health. Read more


ADB's Response to COVID-19: on the Side of Our Developing Members in Their Time of Need

ADB is deploying an assistance package of $20 billion to help our developing members counter the severe impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The COVID-19 Impact on Philippine Business: Key Findings from the Enterprise Survey

This report draws on a survey of Philippine businesses to provide initial facts and ideas to help the government develop evidence-based policies to support enterprises hurt by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Resilience of Tonga's Power Supply

ADB and partners have invested $30 million dollars in the past 10 years to make Tonga’s power infrastructure as resilient as possible to natural disasters. Learn more about the project

Project Result / Case Study

A Power of Good: How ADB's Climate-Resilient investment is Boosting Tonga's Energy Future

Energy security is an ever-present concern for Tonga. To address the dual challenges of climate change and energy security, the Government of Tonga confirmed the Renewable Energy Act in 2008.


For Tonga, a Power Supply That can Withstand a Cyclone is a Matter of Life and Death

Investment from ADB and other partners is making sure Tonga’s power infrastructure can better stand up under the cyclones and storms that are a part of life in the Pacific.


Q&A: In Tonga, More Resilient Power Infrastructure Isn’t Only About More Reliable Electricity—it’s About Saving Lives

ADB, Dr. ‘Ana talks about the challenges of operating a hospital with an unreliable power supply and how Tonga’s more resilient infrastructure has benefited the lives of doctors and patients in Vaiola Hospital.

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Leading through Global Influence and Strong Country Presence

Since assuming office on 17 January 2020, President Masatsugu Asakawa has been leading the Asian Development Bank through global influence and strong country presence across Asia and the Pacific.


Pacific Economic Monitor – July 2020

Most Pacific island countries appear to have avoided direct health impacts from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Yet, the pandemic highlights the need to strengthen their health and social protection systems.

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