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ADB Operations Reach $23.6 Billion in 2023, Achieve Record Climate Finance

ADB committed $23.6 billion from its own resources in 2023, including $9.8 billion for climate action, to help Asia and the Pacific progress on sustainable development.

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Developing Asia and the Pacific Unprepared for Challenges of Aging Population

Developing Asia and the Pacific is unprepared to secure the well-being of its rapidly aging population as the growing share of older people in the region face challenges from low pension coverage to health problems, social isolation, and limited access to essential services.

While longer lifespans reflect the region’s development success, comprehensive policy reforms are urgently needed to support the welfare of older people, according to the Aging Well in Asia: Asian Development Policy Report.


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Data and statistical analysis in the Asia and Pacific region contributes to knowledge generation in ADB, helping strengthen its institutional priorities and operational effectiveness in its developing member countries.

Ship Tracking Technology can Boost Trade and Economic Growth

Automatic identification system (AIS) data provides valuable insights into maritime trade flows, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of disruptions to optimize global shipping routes and enhance trade efficiency. In recent years, researchers have found that AIS data represents a valuable repository of information extending beyond its primary function of collision avoidance.

As the global economy navigates turbulent waters, it is imperative to address maritime disruptions. By investing in alternative transportation infrastructure, with effective cross-border cooperation, we can build a more resilient and interconnected trading system.

Transits of Global Maritime Trading, Select Passageways

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