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Canada and ADB Launch New Fund to Support Private Sector Climate Action and Nature-Based Solutions

The Canadian Climate and Nature Fund for Private Sector in Asia will support private-sector projects in Asia and the Pacific focused on climate and nature-based solutions while accelerating gender equity.

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How Can Fintech Close the Finance Gap for the Region’s Smallest Businesses?

There is increasing acknowledgment of the importance of developing financial policies and products tailored to MSMEs' unique needs. This includes embracing fintech solutions that offer alternative credit assessment methods and more flexible services.


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Adaptation Climate Finance by Sector

ADB’s developing member countries and its infrastructure-related investment operations, are at risk from the physical impacts of climate change. The world faces a $41 trillion mitigation investment gap to 2030, with emerging markets facing a higher gap as a share of their gross domestic product (GDP). There is also an adaptation financing gap of $600 billion required annually to 2050, which is 10–18 times greater than current flows.

ADB has committed $30.8 billion from own resources during 2019–2023 for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Cumulative financing for adaptation reached over $10 billion between 2019 and 2023, surpassing the midterm (2019–2024) adaptation finance target of $9 billion a year early.

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