Board Calendar

The ADB Board Calendar for the next three weeks is shown below. This reflects the schedule of formal Board discussions.

Please note that the calendar is subject to change and that the agenda for each meeting is finalized two days before the meeting. The calendar posted below contains the latest available information.

Date Board Meetings Summary Procedures/No-Objection Deadlines
19 Sep 17 (Tue)   Proposed Grant for Additional Financing - Road Asset Management Project (Afghanistan) 
    Proposed Loan - Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project (Pakistan) 
20 Sep 17 (Wed) Proposed Policy-based Loan and Technical Assistance Grant - Second West Bengal Development Finance Program (India)   Proposed Amendment to Section 4(c) of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank 
  Proposed Loan - Guizhou Rocky Desertification Area Water Management Project (People's Republic of China)   
  Proposed Results-Based Loan and Technical Assistance Grant - Guangxi Modern Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Program (People's Republic of China)   
21 Sep 17 (Thu) Country Partnership Strategy - Lao People's Democratic Republic, 2017-2020 - More Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth   Proposed Loan and Technical Assistance Grant - Shanxi Inclusive Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (People's Republic of China) 
22 Sep 17 (Fri)   Proposed Loan and Technical Assistance Grant - Regional Urban Development Project (Nepal) 
25 Sep 17 (Mon)   Proposed Loan - Walkers Colombo Shipyard (Private) Limited - Shipyard Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Project (Sri Lanka) 
    Proposed Loan and Grant for Additional Financing - Tonle Sap Poverty Reduction and Smallholder Development Project (Cambodia) 
    Proposed Loan - Xinjiang Changji Integrated Urban-Rural Infrastructure Demonstration Project(People's Republic of China) 
26 Sep 17 (Tue) Proposed Multitranche Financing Facility and Technical Assistance Grant - South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Dhaka-Northwest Corridor Road Project, Phase 2 (Bangladesh)  Viet Nam: Review of Classification under ADBs Graduation Policy  
  Proposed Multitranche Financing Facility - Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor Development Investment Program (Pakistan)   Proposed Loan and Administration of Technical Assistance Grant - Rooftop Solar Power Generation Project (Sri Lanka) 
27 Sep 17 (Wed) Country Partnership Strategy - India, 2018-2022 - Accelerating Inclusive Economic Transformation  Proposed Loan and Equity Investment - America CJSC - Strengthening the Banking Sector for Financial Inclusion (Armenia)  
  Review of the Asian Development Bank's Exposure Limits on Nonsovereign Operations  Proposed Loan - Himachal Pradesh Skills Development Project (India) 
28 Sep 17 (Thu)   Proposed Loan - Road Network Improvement Project (Cambodia) 
    Annual Report of the Audit Committee of the Board 2016-2017,  
29 Sep 17 (Fri) Proposed Debt Investment - Capital First Limited - Expanding Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Lending Project (India)    
  Proposed Loan - B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited - ASEAN Distributed Power Project (Phase 2)(Regional)    
  Proposed Multitranche Financing Facility - Second Integrated Road Investment Program (Sri Lanka)   
3 Oct 17 (Tue)   Proposed Grant for Additional Financing - Trade Facilitation: Improved Sanitary and Phytosanitary Handling in Greater Mekong Subregion Trade Project (Lao People's Democratic Republic)