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Board Compliance Review Committee

When the Inspection Function closed on 19 August 2004, the Inspection Committee ceased its functions. It has been restructured as the Board Compliance Review Committee under the Accountability Mechanism.

The Board Compliance Review Committee (BCRC) is a standing committee consisting of 6 Board members: 4 regional members (at least 3 of whom must be from borrowing countries) and 2 non-regional members.

BCRC is responsible for the following under the ADB Accountability Mechanism which became effective on 24 May 2012:

  • clear the Compliance Review Panel's (CRP) proposed terms of reference for compliance review before they are released by the CRP;
  • review the CRP’s draft compliance review reports;
  • review the CRP’s draft reports on monitoring implementation of remedial actions approved by the Board as a result of a compliance review before the CRP finalizes them;
  • decide and adjust the CRP monitoring time frames;
  • review and endorse the combined CRP and Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) annual work plan and budget;
  • search for CRP members in consultation with the President;
  • provide written feedback to all CRP members on their performances—the feedback of the CRP Chair will be taken into consideration in the feedback to other CRP members;
  • in case of a borrowing country’s rejection of a CRP site visit, dialogue with Management on the reasons for the borrowing country’s refusal; and
  • serve as the focal point for the CRP’s communication and dialogue with the Board on the Accountability Mechanism.

Annual Reports of the Compliance Review Committee

Committee Members

td>Roger Fischer

Compliance Review Committee (Composition as of 20 Jan 2021)
Chair Roger Fischer Executive Director
Members Paul Dominguez Executive Director
Jin Lu Alternate Executive Director
Yuemin Li-Misra Alternate Executive Director
James Tseng Alternate Executive Director
Colin Huerter Alternate Executive Director

* As required for a quorum or any other purpose, the respective constituency Alternate Director will sit as an interim member until the Director commences. | Email the committee or call + 632 8632 5656