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Budget Review Committee

Each November, the Budget Review Committee reviews the annual ADB Administrative Budget proposed by Management for the coming year.

The Committee reviews not only the budget but also the institutional business plan for which the budget is proposed, examining whether Board-approved policies and strategies are effectively and efficiently incorporated. Thus, the Committee's review process usually involves extensive discussions with heads of various departments and offices.

Based on its review, the Committee formulates its independent report making a recommendation to the Board on the budget proposal. Subsequently, the full Board of Directors meets to consider the budget for approval.

Budget Review Committee

Chair In-chang Song
Members Anthony McDonald
Helmut Fischer
Executive Director for the United States
Karen Murray
Warotai Kosolpisitkul

* As required for a quorum or any other purpose, the respective constituency Alternate Director will sit as an interim member until the Director commences. | Email the committee or call + 632 632 4740 | Composition as of 4 Nov 2019