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Corporate Sustainability

ADB assesses and discloses the impact of its work on the environment, societies, and economies of Asia and the Pacific. This includes the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance information related to its activities. ADB’s Sustainability Report provides a single point of reference for ADB’s stakeholders to understand their commitment to sustainable development.

Further details on sustainability in ADB’s operations are available under focus areas. ADB is working to minimize its carbon footprint and maintain the highest standards in environmental and social governance.

ADB is working to ensure sustainability in: public communications; integrity and anticorruption; diversity and equal opportunities; labor practices; procurement; and in other areas.

Examples of ADB’s leadership in energy and environmental management, include:

  • Receiving a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification for its headquarters extension;
  • Successfully verifying, to international standards, its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory for its headquarters;
  • Achieving international standards certification for its events sustainability management system following the Annual Meeting in 2018 in ADB headquarters, Manila, Philippines;
  • Purchasing carbon credits to offset GHG emissions of ADB’s headquarters for 2016-2018;
  • Holding events to promote sustainability in ADB headquarters called ADB Sustainability in Action. The theme for 2019 was in line with World Environment Day’s Beat Air Pollution.

ADB promotes the concept of corporate sustainability among its members in the region. This is done through technical assistance and private sector initiatives, raising awareness of best environmental and social practices and the core elements of good corporate governance.