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Development Effectiveness Committee

The Development Effectiveness Committee (DEC) was established by ADB's Board of Directors in December 2000. DEC initiated its activities on behalf of the Board in 2001.

DEC's general mandate is to assist the Board in ensuring that ADB's programs and activities are achieving desired development objectives and making efficient use of ADB resources. DEC focuses its attention on ADB's operations evaluation programs and results.

DEC carries out these specific responsibilities on behalf of the Board:

  • reviews the annual work program of the Independent Evaluation Department (IED)
  • reviews selected IED evaluation reports and the actions taken by ADB on them
  • reports to the Board on high-priority operations evaluation issues, if any, that have a significant bearing on the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of ADB, and make recommendations on such issues to the Board
  • monitors and reports to the Board on the implementation of its decisions
  • reviews the annual programs for preparation of project completion reports and technical assistance completion reports
  • reviews the annual report on loan and technical assistance portfolio

Annual Reports of the Development Effectiveness Committee

Committee Members

Chair Zhijun Cheng
Members Helmut Fischer
Kenzo Ohe
Scott Dawson
Shahid Mahmood
Bayramuhammet Garayev

Email the committee or call + 632 632 4854 | Composition as of 6 Jan 2020