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Operations - Project Design and Management

How does ADB design and manage projects?

ADB provides financing for projects with developing member countries (DMCs) that will support inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. Projects are identified in partnership with DMCs during strategic sector and country planning processes. The various stages from country programming, project design to project completion and evaluation are known collectively as ADB's project cycle.

Below are key guidelines and resources on the design and management of ADB projects.

Project Administration Instructions

The Project Administration Instructions (PAIs) outline the policies and procedures to be followed by ADB staff involved in the administration of ADB-financed loan and technical assistance (TA) projects.

The PAIs are used in conjunction with operational documents including:

See the Project Administration Instructions (PAI).

Guidelines on Design and Monitoring Framework

Each ADB financed and administered project is required to have a design and monitoring framework (DMF) that provides a logical structure for results focused project design. It is drafted in the project concept note and finalized with the borrower during negotiations prior to Board approval and provides project managers with a framework to monitor and evaluate the achievement of development results. More

Browse ADB's database of Project DMFs.

Financial Management

Financial management is an integral component of ADB’s fiduciary duty to ensure  that funds are used for their intended purpose. In order to fulfill this duty, ADB seeks to obtain reasonable assurance that projects are financially viable and sustainable, and that borrowers have the capacity to perform their obligations under the legal agreements. ADB develops and applies policies, frameworks and guidelines to support, assess and monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of country-, sector-, program- and project-related financial management systems. In addition, ADB aims to ensure that ADB’s investments in projects are safeguarded through adequate financial due diligence and risk mitigation measures.

See ADB's financial management resources.

Project Administration Manual

Describes how executing and implementing agencies will implement the project and deliver the results on time, with quality, within budget, and in accordance with government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) policies and procedures. It is mandatory (except for program lending and technical assistance (TAs)), and serves as the main document describing implementation details. More

  View ADB's Instructions on the Project Administration Manual.

Guidelines on the Use of Consultants

These guidelines define the policies and procedures of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for selecting, contracting, and monitoring consultants required for loan and technical assistance (TA) projects financed in whole or in part by loans from ADB, grants by ADB, or funds administered by ADB. More

Guidelines for Procurement

Informs those carrying out projects financed in whole or in part by a loan from the ADB, ADB-financed grant, or ADB-administered funds, of the policies that govern the procurement of goods, works and services required for the project. More

Handbook on Project Implementation

Aids executing and implementing agencies of ADB-financed projects, ADB staff, and project consultants and managers and serves as a practical guide on project implementation. More