Other Operational Policies and Strategies

The operations manual of ADB collects operational policies known as "Bank policies", which are short, focused statements that follow from the Agreement Establishing the Asian Development Bank (the Charter), the Regulations of the Asian Development Fund, the Regulations of Ordinary and Special Operations, and operational policies adopted by the Board of Directors. The operational manual also includes operational procedures that spell out procedural requirements and guidance on the implementation of policies.

Key operational policy and strategy documents covering ADB operational activities are listed below:

Country Classification and Focus


Graduation Policy


ADB employs a classification system to determine the eligibility of its DMCs to borrow from the Asian Development Fund and ordinary capital resources. As economic conditions in a DMC change over time, its classification may also change.

Business Products and Instruments

Lending Policies for Sovereign and Sovereign-Guaranteed Borrowers (Ordinary Capital Resources)


Lending and Grant Policies (Asian Development Fund)


Program Lending and Sector Development Programs


Guarantee Operations


Technical Assistance


Multitranche Financing Facility


Safeguards and Social Protection in ADB Operations


Financial Policies


Project Administration


The Project Administration Instructions (PAIs) outline the policies and procedures to be followed by ADB staff involved in the administration of ADB-financed loan and technical assistance (TA) projects.

The PAIs are used in conjunction with operational documents including:

For further guidance, see ADB online Handbook on project implementation

Other Operational Policies and Strategies