Road to 2030: ADB's New Strategy

ADB is preparing a new strategy to respond to the changes brought about by a rapidly evolving Asia and the Pacific. The new strategy will:

  • build on the 2014 midterm review of ADB’s long-term strategic framework — Strategy 2020;
  • outline vision and key directions for ADB’s engagement with developing member countries until 2030;
  • describe how ADB aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change; and
  • identify institutional and organizational reforms necessary to sharpen ADB's efficiency and effectiveness.

Consultations with Stakeholders

ADB is consulting with stakeholders in developing member countries and selected donor capitals on the new strategy.

6 December 2016Civil society organizations emphasize the improvement of living conditions in low-income countries
21 November 2016Japan stakeholders suggest greater support for the private sector and ICT while continuing to protect vulnerable groups
3 November 2016Stakeholders from Australia and New Zealand support ADB’s proposed broader mission amidst new challenges and more diverse client base


Background Work for Road to 2030

ADB is undertaking background work to help formulate the new strategy. Completed reports: