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Daniel Suryadarma, Senior Research Fellow

Daniel Suryadarma, Senior Research Fellow

Daniel Suryadarma

Daniel Suryadarma joined ADBI in November 2020 and is a Senior Research Fellow.

Daniel conducts applied economics research in the areas of human development, poverty, and social policy in low and middle-income countries. He implements policy trials and analyses with government and non-government partners. His current research spans Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Pacific Island Countries. His research has appeared in high-impact economics journals, including American Economic Journal: Applied Economics and Journal of Development Economics. He has been interviewed by the Economist and Australian Financial Review.

Prior to joining ADBI, Daniel was the deputy team leader of the Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) Programme in Indonesia and a senior research fellow at the SMERU Research Institute in Jakarta. He was previously a research fellow at the Australian National University and led the impact evaluation unit at the Center for International Forestry Research. Daniel has economics degrees from Brandon University, the University of Toronto, and the Australian National University.

Twitter: @dsuryadarma

Personal website:

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