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Pradeep Panthi, Research Associate

Pradeep Panthi, Research Associate

Pradeep Panthi

Pradeep Panthi joined the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) as a Research Associate in August 2021.

He holds a PhD in international development from the Graduate School of International Development at Nagoya University, where he also worked as a teaching assistant. He holds a master's degree (distinction division) and a bachelor's degree, both in business studies, from Tribhuvan University.

His other previous work experiences include serving as a lecturer at Kist College of Management, a deputy manager at Batas Organization, and a supervisor and branch manager for Global IME Bank Ltd. in Nepal.

His research interests include international finance, economic development, macroeconomics, financial economics, and econometrics. His current research focuses on economic development through trade, investment, and finance; development through institutions and policy management; and the dynamics of international capital flows.

Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Institutions in Asian Economies

Forum of International Development Studies, 51(2): 1–23, 2021.

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25 November 2022 Institutional Quality as a Shock Absorber for Asian Capital Flows in Crisis Times - Asia Bond Monitor November 2022, Box 2

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