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Takiko Igarashi, Project Consultant

Takiko Igarashi
Takiko Igarashi, Project Consultant

Takiko Igarashi joined the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) as a Project Consultant in December 2020.

Prior to joining ADBI, she worked as an education specialist with the World Bank and as a consultant with the National Institute for Education Policy Research in Japan and the Asian Development Bank. She has extensive field experience, especially in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Tanzania.

Her research interests are focused on human capital development, particularly education and skills development. She has conducted projects on alternative education, socioemotional skills, vocational training, educational assessments, and teacher development, as well as industrial development and labor market issues.

She holds a master of arts in international development from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and a bachelor of arts in law from Hosei University. She also studied as an exchange student at Truman State University.