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ADBI staff opinion pieces and editorials are frequently featured in various media outlets.

17 April 2018 Offer infrastructure investors a share of the tax - Nikkei Asian Review

Asia needs more transport infrastructure. More than the state, which finances the lion's share, can fund. So what more can be done to bring in increased private capital, when investors have so far been mostly disappointed by the returns? Is there a way of breathing new life into the public private partnership (PPP), the most common vehicle for private infrastructure investment?

14 March 2018 How Can Trade Help Africa Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? - International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Beyond its effect on incomes, trade can also have significant developmental impacts through its influence on the price, quantity, and quality of goods available within markets. How can African countries use trade policy to improve their population’s access to products that are important from a sustainable development perspective?

3 December 2017 Make giving birth easier in Japan - Japan Times

One of the most urgent tasks that the government needs to tackle is Japan’s low birth rate. At less than 1.5, it remains well below the replacement rate.

21 February 2017 Open markets key to Asian growth - China Daily

Further economic integration will sustain regional prosperity and peace despite some Western calls to reverse globalization. The United Kingdom’s vote to exit the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States are clear manifestations of a backlash against globalization in some advanced economies. The benefits of economic integration and globalization are increasingly being questioned.

3 February 2017 How to get cash into Asian infrastructure the ADBI way - Asia Times

Naoyuki Yoshino, the dean of the Tokyo-based Asian Development Bank Institute, or ADBI, explains a method he’s promoting to try and boost investment in roads, bridges, train systems and other infrastructure projects across Asia. The key is making projects attractive to private investors by offering new means to boost returns.

30 January 2017 New Urban Agenda looks at how to house people flooding into cities - Asia Times

Already more than half of the world population lives in urban areas and the trend to move to cities is expected to continue, until by 2050, the United Nations expects that two-thirds of the people in the world world population will live in cities.

1 December 2016 Trump’s withdrawal from TPP: What it means for Asia - Asia Times

US president-elect Donald Trump shocked the aspiring Trans-Pacific Partnership members last week by announcing that the first priority of his presidency will be to withdraw from the trade deal.

28 September 2016 Can supply chain finance plug Asian SMEs’ financing gap? - TXF

SMEs in Asia and the Pacific face acute challenges in obtaining financing, with unique geographies and low bank densities forming barriers for businesses. The development of supply chain finance alternatives has been slow but a new programme in Malaysia could begin to offer new options for SMEs in the region.

23 June 2016 US tips WTO into deep waters - Nikkei Asian Review

A U.S. decision to block the reappointment of Seung Wha Chang, a South Korean member of the appellate body of the World Trade Organization, has put at risk the independence and credibility of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism. After the de facto collapse of the Doha round of talks on further trade liberalization the U.S. move is a serious blow for the WTO.

7 April 2016 Morgan and Zhang: Asian home lending a source of stability - Nikkei

Financial sectors in Asian economies are dominated by banks, so maintaining their financial stability is crucial. Domestic banking crises often originate in the real estate sector -- the subprime crisis in the United States in 2007 to 2010 was only the most recent example. Therefore, one might conclude that mortgage lending is negative for financial stability.

14 December 2015 TPP 'gold standard' rules may be hard to replicate - Nikkei Asian Review

The recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is being praised for setting a new "gold standard" for 21st century trade agreements. With its members accounting for almost 30% of world trade, the TPP will certainly reshape trade across the Pacific and possibly influence multilateral trade negotiations. But will it deliver on opening up trade and simplifying trade rules?

23 November 2015 TPP no inspiration for Doha negotiations - ADB Blog

Last October, 12 Pacific Rim countries gave their blessing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, hailed as a landmark trade pact as it includes many issues that have so far not found their way into the rule of law in the multilateral trading system.

23 November 2015 TPP as inspiration for the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference in Nairobi? - ICTSD

At the beginning of October, 12 Pacific Rim countries agreed on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The TPP agreement has been hailed as a landmark trade pact, as it includes many issues that have so far not found their way into the rule of law in the multilateral trading system.

24 August 2015 Reasons Behind Oil Price Plunge - Financial Tribune

The price of oil has more than halved in less than 11 months since September 2014. After nearly five years of stability, the price of a barrel of Brent crude in Europe fell from over $100 on September 2014 to less than $49 on August 2015.

13 August 2015 Asian growth holds opportunities for Pacific Nations - Nikkei

Economic links between Asia and the Pacific have been intensifying in recent years. Trade in goods between the two regions increased from around $2 billion in 2000 to over $20 billion in 2013, driven mainly by a surge in imports from Asia.

19 May 2015Bring Japan’s talents to bear - Japan Times

At first glance, the Japanese labor market looks in rather good shape. Economic stagnation typically goes hand-in-hand with a fall in labor force participation. However, in Japan, the dynamic is different—labor force participation has increased from 62.9 million in March 2013 to 63.7 million in March 2015.

22 March 2015 ASEAN reform is a matter of survival - Nikkei

At their upcoming summits in April and November, leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations know they must create a new road map to realize an ASEAN Economic Community that extends beyond 2015. Over the last decade, important progress has been made towards achieving the AEC.

17 February 2015 Why Asia needs more financial education - Nikkei

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, financial literacy and financial education are gaining more attention around the world. There were sobering lessons, for example, in how the mis-selling of financial products contributed directly to the severity of the crisis, both in developed economies and in Asia.

1 February 2015Plurilateral trade agreements: an overlooked but powerful force for international trade opening for Asia? - E15 Initiative

After more than a decade of inconclusive talks, a small but important step was taken in late 2014 to finish the Doha Round negotiations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In 2015 and beyond, actions to arrive at a Doha Round Agreement should be accompanied by embracing new plurilateral trade agreements within the WTO. This move can benefit growth and development in Asia.