Ideas for Developing Asia and the Pacific

Fostering Regional Cooperation and Integration


ADBI helps its developing member countries (DMCs) reap the benefits, mitigate the risks, and maximize the opportunities resulting from globalization by promoting regional cooperation and integration. Initiatives are typically driven by investments in regional infrastructure, which also provide a platform for cooperation across member countries in areas of mutual interest. Regional cooperation and integration fosters rapid and sustained growth, reduces poverty, and builds resilient institutions as it helps DMCs build closer trade, investment, and financial links that, in turn, create opportunities for mutual, broad-based, and inclusive growth. Capacity-building and training programs aim to create a knowledge-sharing platform for greater understanding and harmonization in the region, aligned with ADB’s Strategy 2030. The programs will concentrate on enhancing connectivity and competitiveness, promoting regional public goods, strengthening cooperation in the finance sector, and strengthening subregional initiatives.

12 March 2021 Can closing borders shut out new COVID-19 strains? - Asia Pathways

In fighting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and, in particular, the new strains that are emerging, many countries have adopted the dual approach of closing borders and increasing domestic surveillance. This might be overkill. In fact, the latter might suffice.