Ideas for Developing Asia and the Pacific

ADBI CBT Participation Criteria


Participants in ADBI training programs come from government agencies of ADB's developing member countries.

Participants must be citizens of an ADB developing member country and are selected based on:

  • Some or all of these criteria:
    • recommendation from a member government or ADB official
    • relevance of their background and/or experience
    • current position and occupational duties
    • proficiency in the language of instruction
    • ability to use the content of the course to train others, thereby transferring the knowledge to a wider audience
    • any other prerequisites that may apply to the particular program
    • educational attainment
    • participation in a previous ADBI or ADB program
  • Space availability
  • Concern for geographic, gender, or background balance and diversity
  • Evidence of any endorsements or clearances that may be required for government officials by the authorizing government agency