Ideas for Developing Asia and the Pacific

Strengthening Governance and Institutional Capacity


Good governance and effective public management are essential for country and sector development. ADB’s message in its Asia 2050 report is clear—better governance across a range of dimensions and across Asia and the Pacific will determine whether a developing member country (DMC) can accelerate development and inclusive growth. But DMCs confront the challenges of designing sound policies amid the changing climate and economic and population landscapes. To adapt, DMCs need to strengthen their governance and institutional capacities to organize and mobilize governments and their institutions. The Capacity Building and Training Department is committed to strengthening the governance and institutional capacities of DMCs by tackling public management reforms and financial sustainability; and service delivery, capacity, and standards.

16 April 2020 The tip of the iceberg for COVID-19 cases in developing Asia? - Asia Pathways

The number of COVID-19 cases in many Asian developing countries is surprisingly low, but this may simply reflect inadequate levels of testing. The high correlation between rates of testing and per capita GDP strongly suggests that lower-income countries face a number of barriers to carrying out adequate testing.

24 March 2020 Improve handwashing access to combat COVID-19 - Asia Pathways

Medical experts and institutions tell us that a critical but simple lifesaving action to reduce vulnerability to COVID-19 is literally in our own hands—regular handwashing with soap. Public awareness efforts underscore the need for greater behavioral compliance.

11 March 2020 Recovering from shocks is what Asia knows best - Asia Pathways

Unimaginable setbacks to Japan nine years ago from the triple disasters of the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima emergency were used to pioneer new approaches to regional development and integrated reconstruction to build back better, safer, and greener.

19 February 2020 Measuring the economic and social impacts of high-speed rail - Asia Pathways

The scale of investments in high-speed rail (HSR) raises questions about the most appropriate methods of appraisal. Increasingly the reliance on conventional cost–benefit analysis, based essentially on the direct benefits to users and the direct costs to operators, has been questioned.

7 February 2020 Systemic power imbalances in responsible investments - Asia Pathways

The recent surge of interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments has brought with it closer scrutiny of the way in which ESG factors are evaluated as conditions before an investment can be categorized as such. Environmental factors have been receiving a lion’s share of the attention in these investments, which have been riding on the institutional clout lent unto them by green growth.

23 January 2020 The value creation potential of platforms - Asia Pathways

The rapid success of modern platforms is a testament to their ability to scale efficiently to the needs of many while providing an undeniable and significant advantage over the older methods that had so far dominated value exchanges. Powered by the public Internet and robust local connectivity, digital platforms rose to the challenge of developing newer, more efficient alternatives in their respective focus areas.

30 August 2019 Bridging the digital tax divide in Asia - Asia Pathways

Digitalization has transformed the global economy and had significant impacts on Asia and the Pacific, home to some of the world’s biggest and most advanced e-commerce markets, such as the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Republic of Korea (Asian Development Bank and United Nations ESCAP 2018).

20 June 2019 The spillover effects of digital platforms - Asia Pathways

“Over-the-top” (OTT) service providers are referred to as so because they allegedly ride exclusively on top of the infrastructure laid by telecommunications service providers.