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17 April 2018 Offer infrastructure investors a share of the tax - Nikkei Asian Review

Asia needs more transport infrastructure. More than the state, which finances the lion's share, can fund. So what more can be done to bring in increased private capital, when investors have so far been mostly disappointed by the returns? Is there a way of breathing new life into the public private partnership (PPP), the most common vehicle for private infrastructure investment?

14 March 2018 How Can Trade Help Africa Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? - International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Beyond its effect on incomes, trade can also have significant developmental impacts through its influence on the price, quantity, and quality of goods available within markets. How can African countries use trade policy to improve their population’s access to products that are important from a sustainable development perspective?

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26 October 2018 ADBI News 36: Of Taxes, Solar Lights, and the Upcoming T20 Summit

Taxation is increasingly in the limelight of the development agenda, particularly with the emergence of the G20 as the premier international forum. ADBI’s new book analyzes country policies and shares practical experiences of tax systems from selected countries in the region. Read more.

21 September 2018 ADBI News 35: On Structural Transformation and Beyond

Will structural transformation remain crucial in determining potential productivity growth and income distribution? ADBI’s new book presents novel conceptual frameworks and empirical evidence from the economies of the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam. Read more.

07 September 2018 ADBI News 34: Of Postal Savings and Electric Utilities

Postal networks do much to improve people’s access to bank accounts in a digitally connected 21st century. ADBI’s new book explains the benefits of and need for postal financial inclusion in Asia and presents strategies to expand it. Read more.

21 August 2018 ADBI News 33: Of Steel Trade Wars and Rice Reserves

A brewing trade war over steel is threatening to bring the world back to the economic “dark ages” when countries used trade curbs to retaliate politically against rival governments. Read more.

06 August 2018 ADBI News 32: Of Monsters and Land Trusts

Land trust offers a way to mitigate obstacles that create disputes over land acquisition. Read more.

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