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29 July 2020 Wiring Inclusive Digital Recovery, Developing Asia’s Central Banking Outlook, Lasting Financial Market Whiplash?

ADBI experts led by Dean Tetsushi Sonobe explained how leveraging digital demand could boost COVID-19 controls and productivity during a Global Solutions Dialogue on infrastructure-based pandemic mitigation. Read more.

25 June 2020 Building COVID-19 Shock-Resistance, AI-Based Education for the Pandemic Era, Urgent Fiscal Governance Fixes

ADBI experts shared recommendations for mitigating COVID-19 shocks during task force webinars of the Think20 (T20), the G20’s policy advice network. They stressed the importance of actions to ensure smooth demographic transition, financial inclusion, and quality infrastructure growth that supports economic recovery and job creation. Read more.

13 May 2020 COVID-19 Era Water Safeguards, ADBI Job Openings, Strategic Environmental Regulation and FDI

ADBI teamed up with ADB and global partners to launch policy principles for expediting recovery from water disasters like floods and droughts while preventing COVID-19 outbreaks. Read more.

19 March 2020 Timely Financial Market E-Learning Lessons, Energy Insecurity Checks, What Next for High-Speed Rail

Against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus situation and elevated financial market concerns, this ADBI E-Learning course taught by ADBI Research Fellow John Beirne explores financial globalization development and systemic risk exposure, the drivers of capital flows in crisis and non-crisis periods, and the role of the global financial cycle. Read more.

21 February 2020 Asia’s Think Tank Outlook, Policy Innovation Next Steps, New Trade and Labor Migration Books

ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino said think tanks are increasingly important to next generation policy development in the region during a panel in Tokyo marking the launch of the latest Global Go To Think Tank Index Report. Read more.

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