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17 April 2018 Offer infrastructure investors a share of the tax - Nikkei Asian Review

Asia needs more transport infrastructure. More than the state, which finances the lion's share, can fund. So what more can be done to bring in increased private capital, when investors have so far been mostly disappointed by the returns? Is there a way of breathing new life into the public private partnership (PPP), the most common vehicle for private infrastructure investment?

14 March 2018 How Can Trade Help Africa Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? - International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Beyond its effect on incomes, trade can also have significant developmental impacts through its influence on the price, quantity, and quality of goods available within markets. How can African countries use trade policy to improve their population’s access to products that are important from a sustainable development perspective?

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8 May 2019 ADBI News 44: Going Blue at ADB Annual Meeting in Fiji, Financial Inclusion Keys, T20’s Quality Infrastructure Fix

Coastal communities’ defenses against rising threats posed by climate change could improve greatly with the adoption of recommendations detailed during an ADBI workshop at the ADB Annual Meeting in Nadi, Fiji on 1 May 2019. Read more.

4 April 2018 ADBI NEWS 43: G20 Leaders’ Sneak Peek at T20 Policy Innovations, Asia’s Labor Migration Lessons, Low Carbon Cure All?

ADBI experts provided a first look at policy proposals for realizing a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient society being developed for G20 Leaders by Think20 (T20) Japan Task Forces during a T20 associated event in Berlin headlined by German Chancellor and G20 Leader Angela Merkel. Read more.

6 March 2019 ADBI NEWS 42: ADB President Nakao Reads Asian Tea Leaves, T20 Confronts Graying Populations, Demystifying Rising Inequality

ADB President Takehiko Nakao shares his thoughts on Asia’s half century of growth and economic outlook, on the margins of a panel discussion at ADBI on the book Banking on the Future of Asia and the Pacific: 50 Years of the Asian Development Bank. Read more.

7 February 2019 ADBI NEWS 41: ADBI Shines in Think Tank Ranking, T20 Japan’s Digital Designs, Labor Income Democracy Crunch

The Asian Development Bank Institute has moved up one position into the top 25 of the worldwide think tank ranking, according to the 2018 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report. ADBI also retained its world’s second-best government-affiliated think tank ranking for a fifth straight year. The results are based on an annual survey of think tanks, journalists, policymakers, public and private donors, and functional and regional specialists. Read more.

22 January 2019 ADBI NEWS 40: Asian Trade Lessons, Energy Price Fallout, Financial Reform Prospects

Advancements in productivity and poverty reduction due to trade liberalization in developing Asia have also come at a price, with pressure on workers’ bargaining power, connectivity gaps, and income inequality inviting new policy solutions. This study looks at priorities needed to limit blowback including the rollback of Asian reforms. Read more.

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