ADBI Builds G20 Capacity for Delivering Post-COVID-19 Sustainability Breakthroughs

ADBI News Release | 11 October 2021

Tokyo, Japan – The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) has championed the development of new evidence-based policy proposals to help Group of 20 (G20) leaders address shared challenges posed by the continued prevalence of COVID-19 infections and advance inclusive and sustainable global recovery, ahead of their G20 Rome summit on 30-31 October.

Five Think20 (T20) policy briefs were coproduced by ADBI through the task forces of the T20, the think tank engagement group of the G20 hosted by Italy in 2021. They were spotlighted as part of the T20 Italy summit to provide innovative policy guidance for G20 leaders in Rome and lay the groundwork for future breakthroughs during the G20 presidencies of Indonesia in 2022 and India and 2023.

ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe underscored the value of T20 measures’ intersecting approach to post-COVID-19 policy development. He said well-vetted, multidisciplinary perspectives for mitigating pandemic shocks and boosting physical and social infrastructure could play a key role in reversing increasing inequality and enhancing sustainable growth moving forward.

ADBI Coproduced T20 Policy Briefs

Expert Quotes

Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean, ADBI

“Inequality has assumed greater importance for G20 policy discussions during the COVID-19 crisis. Increasing social divides are a particular setback for poverty reduction, sanitation, and food security in developing countries and undermine the sustainable recovery potential of the global economy.”

“An intersecting approach can support the development of physical and social infrastructure for advancing economic inclusion, resilience, and sustainability. This consists of sub-questions of how to design, finance, and implement effective projects and build people’s capacity to reap the benefits.”