ADBI Drives T20 Innovation for Advancing Global Recovery

ADBI News Release | 10 November 2020

Tokyo, Japan – The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) has championed the development of new evidence-based proposals to help Group of 20 (G20) leaders navigate COVID-19 challenges and advance sustainable and inclusive global recovery, ahead of their 21-22 November 2020 summit.

Five ADBI-led Think20 (T20) policy briefs were produced in coordination with the task forces of the T20, the think tank engagement group of the G20 hosted by Saudi Arabia in 2020. The policy briefs were among those spotlighted during the 2020 T20 Summit and related meetings, providing guidance for the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe said the COVID-19 crisis has reaffirmed the importance of policymaking informed by empirical research and the potential impact of T20 recommendations. He also urged think tanks to deepen their collaboration to promote timely COVID-19 era policy breakthroughs.

ADBI-Led T20 Policy Briefs

Expert Quotes

Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean, ADBI

“The COVID-19 crisis has reaffirmed the importance of evidence-based policymaking. Moving forward, there will be strong incentive for global leaders to embrace policy innovation informed by empirical research.”

“The sense of crisis is prompting think tanks to work closely together to expedite demand-driven, data-supported policy guidance that has the potential to boost the pandemic recovery of the G20 and countries worldwide.”

“Facilitating breakthroughs in COVID-19 fiscal responses and the management of related challenges such as infrastructure financing, the digitalization of economies, and social and green transition will be key to building inclusive and resilient post-pandemic growth.”