• ADBI E-Learning Course Promotes Gender-Equitable Vaccination and Development

ADBI E-Learning Course Promotes Gender-Equitable Vaccination and Development

ADBI News Release | 06 October 2023

Tokyo, Japan – This ADBI e-learning course, coproduced with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health and in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, examines the interlinkages between gender and the delivery, access, and uptake of vaccinations and immunization.

Addressing Gender Gaps in Vaccinations and Immunization: A Life-Course Approach explains how health systems are tied with social expectations and perceptions of the characteristics, aptitudes, roles, and behaviors of women and men, boys and girls, and people of other genders.

It draws on practical examples from across the globe of social and structural dynamics that generate gender inequalities in vaccination coverage across the life stages. It also spotlights keys to overcoming gender-related barriers and driving equitable vaccine development.

In alignment with ADBI’s commitment to accelerating progress in gender equality, this tuition-free and certificate-issuing online course provides research-based knowledge and recommendations that can inform policy design and frameworks to boost people’s well-being and overall inclusive economic growth.

Enhanced Course Certificate
Learners who complete this ADBI E-Learning course will earn a course completion certificate with a unique user ID to verify the certificate holder and a QR code that provides information about the course.

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