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ADBI News Blurbs

November 2021
Experts Detail Measures for Extending Reach of Safe Water and Sanitation Services

Experts discussed ways to achieve safe and universal water and sanitation services in emerging economies during a virtual workshop on 28-29 October cohosted by ADBI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Institute for Fiscal Studies, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, and University of Virginia. Former Deputy Treasury Minister of Argentina Sebastian Galiani described how privatization and policy design evaluation have helped improve services within the sector and reduce child mortality. Meera Mehta of CEPT University in India also urged results-based funding and strong monitoring systems to promote expansive safe sanitation systems. View the webinar recording.

November 2021
Researchers Assess Socioeconomic Impacts of Online Commerce for Women in Developing Asia

Researchers discussed women-online commerce dynamics in developing Asian economies during a conference cohosted by ADBI, ADB, Nanyang Technological University, and the Japanese Association for Development Economics on 26-28 October. Drawing upon country case studies, they explored how online commerce can boost women’s labor participation and household income. They also examined policy imperatives for narrowing gender gaps in the digital economy and alleviating constraints on online commerce’s benefits for women. View the webinar recording.

October 2021
ADBI Dean Promotes Carbon-Neutral Asian Smart Cities in Yokohama

ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe joined Yokohama City Mayor Takeharu Yamanaka and experts to promote carbon neutrality and sustainable urban development at the 10th Asia Smart City Conference in Yokohama on 28 October. Dean Sonobe emphasized the importance of city-to-city collaboration under the Asia Smart City Alliance and the adoption of technological innovation for the progress of green smart-city solutions in the region. He also underscored ADBI’s commitment to advancing the post-COVID-19 sustainable development of Asia emerging cities through timely, evidence-based research and capacity building.

October 2021
ADBI–ADB Evaluate Path to Post-COVID-19 Asian Labor Market Resilience

Strategies for enhancing the resilience of vulnerable groups disproportionately impacted by COVID-19-induced job losses and disruptions were examined during an ADBI–Asian Development Bank virtual conference on 27–28 October. Experts assessed the fiscal challenges of pandemic-affected worker support and how active labor market programs can facilitate upskilling and the transition to better quality jobs. They also discussed the scope of the post-COVID-19 labor market and measures for addressing gender and age-related employability challenges. View the webinar recording.

October 2021
T20 Policy Brief Lays Groundwork for Post-COVID-19 Private Infrastructure Financing Boom

A new Think 20 (T20) Italy policy brief coauthored by ADBI’s Nella Hendriyetty provides evidence-based insights on overcoming mounting post-COVID-19 infrastructure financing challenges. It describes innovative financing approaches for attracting greater private investment to meet changing infrastructure needs. Examples include leveraging spillover tax revenues through the application of tools such as revenue bonds and crowdfunding. The policy brief calls for global policy action in these areas to promote local development and sustainable recovery.

October 2021
T20 Policy Brief Details Infrastructure Blueprint for Building More Equitable Economies

Innovative infrastructure solutions for enhancing both economic recovery and redistribution are spotlighted in a new Think20 (T20) Italy policy brief coauthored by ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe and global think tank experts. It integrates considerations for health, food and agriculture, urbanization, ecosystem services, and redistribution in infrastructure policy priorities. The policy brief stresses the importance of interdisciplinary and multilateral approaches, and harnessing digitalization.

October 2021
Authors Describe Infrastructure Solutions for Emerging Asia-Europe Trade Channel

Keys to boosting Asia-Europe trade routes and sustainable growth in Central Asian countries were highlighted during a webinar on 25 October that launched the ADBI Press book Unlocking Transport Connectivity in the Trans-Caspian Corridor. The coeditors and a panel of experts stressed the importance of physical infrastructure development in the region for enhancing trade and economic opportunities. They also explained how the economic spillover effects of infrastructure growth in local areas can be harnessed to attract greater private investment in future projects. Download the book and view the webinar recording and presentations.

October 2021
Officials, Experts Discuss Asia’s Patent System Development to Drive Innovative Recovery

Ways to build patent protection and innovative COVID-19 recovery in Asia were explored during a virtual workshop cohosted by ADBI, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and United States Patent and Trademark Office on 21 October. Drawing upon country-level case studies, patent officials and experts examined patent-innovation dynamics. They also discussed strategies for developing cost-effective institutions and information systems that could enhance the region’s patent protection and innovative growth. View the webinar recording and presentations.

October 2021
ADBI-Cambridge University-World Economic Forum Build Asia’s Fintech Innovation Capacity

Ways to facilitate the adoption of emerging financial technologies (fintech) and the implications for financial inclusion and sustainable development in Asia were explored during a roundtable cohosted by ADBI, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, and World Economic Forum on 19-20 October. ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe stressed the importance of addressing growing knowledge gaps between fintech innovators and regulators to ensure fintech’s inclusive development benefits and limit risks. Policy makers and experts discussed how to meet this need and called for greater efforts to internationally align fintech standards and regulatory tools.

October 2021
T20 Policy Brief Charts Transition Path to Circular Economy, Greener Future

A new Think20 (T20) Italy policy brief by ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe and global think tank experts describes policy priorities for transitioning from a linear to circular economy to enhance green development. It explains how this approach can transform resource-intensive economies into sustainable ones that reduce pollution and waste and alleviate environmental damage and climate risk. The policy brief assesses ways to integrate this structural change in urban development and supply chains, and highlights digitalization’s role in supporting a circular economy. It urges policy makers to identify a viable transition path, including skills training and regulation in-line with local conditions.