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ADBI News Blurbs

September 2021
ADBI-ADB-ISEAS Explore Paths to Quality Basic Education in Southeast Asia

Innovative approaches to improving the quality of basic education in Southeast Asia were highlighted during a conference co-hosted by ADBI, ADB, and ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute on 15-17 September. Researchers discussed education delivery, public investment, and policy development, and the importance of aligning these measures with local contexts. They also examined COVID-19-triggered education system changes, and reform opportunities. View the webinar recording.

September 2021
Experts Spotlight High-Speed Rail Development Book, Transport Policy Outlook

Authors of the new ADBI Press book Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development described its key findings on enhancing the sector’s sustainable growth benefits in a virtual session on 14 September, held during the 14th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies. They detailed the book’s recommendations for navigating future transport challenges and maximizing high-speed rail project quality of life, equity, and green development impacts. In a companion virtual session on 12 September, experts also discussed transport’s role in COVID-19 mitigation and facilitating a sustainable and inclusive Asian recovery. View the webinar recordings in English and Japanese.

September 2021
Experts Describe Sustainable Agriculture Solutions for Asia Amid New Challenges

Ways to strengthen the adaptive capacity of food and agriculture in Asia and the Pacific were highlighted during a virtual workshop cohosted by ADBI, ADB, and the Vietnam National University of Agriculture on 13 September. Drawing upon the latest research and policy lessons from across the region, experts assessed agri-food chain instability exacerbated by COVID-19 and climate-related risks. They also examined innovative approaches for promoting global food security and greener agricultural systems, including food supply diversification, food-energy-water nexus, agriculture cooperatives, mechanization, and digital transformation. View the webinar recording.

September 2021
Researchers Discuss Big Data’s Role in Meeting Asian Post-COVID-19 Infrastructure Needs

Researchers described keys to harnessing big data to boost Asia’s post-COVID-19 infrastructure development during an ADBI virtual workshop on 10 September. Satish Ukkusuri of Purdue University and Takahiro Yabe of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explained how mobile phone data can be used to assess the significance of people’s mobility for sustainable development. Experts also explored ways to integrate big data analysis in infrastructure planning and visualize the socioeconomic benefits to attract private investment in new projects. View the webinar recording.

September 2021
New Book Examines Asia’s High-Speed Rail Prospects Amid New Challenges

The new ADBI Press book Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development highlights strategies for navigating new project challenges and maximizing the sector’s potential to boost sustainable and inclusive growth in Asia. The book provides high-speed rail (HSR) planning insights and policy lessons from across the region and globally. It also examines the effects of COVID-19 transport and logistics impacts on HSR and how projects can promote social well-being. Download the book for free and view the summary video.

September 2021
ADBI-ADB-JICA Explore Data Solutions for Enhancing Seniors’ Well-Being in Developing Asia

The role of data in promoting the well-being of older persons as developing Asia’s populations age was examined during a regional conference cohosted by ADBI, ADB, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development on 7-9 September. Policy makers and experts highlighted the importance of creating data sets that incorporate socioeconomic variables needed for effective demographic transition policy research and analysis. Among them include social welfare and social protection, gender equality, cultural behavior, and financial inclusion.

September 2021
ADBI Expert Assesses Emerging Asia’s Post-COVID-19 Financial Stability Risks

ADBI’s John Beirne weighed the preparedness of Asia’s emerging economies (EMEs) for potential quantitative easing (QE) tapering by the United States (US) Federal Reserve during an Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade virtual seminar on 1 September. He explained that the region is in a more favorable position compared to 2013, when it experienced financial market destabilization, citing larger foreign reserve holdings and stronger Asian EME fundamentals overall, as well as enhanced communication by the US Federal Reserve. But he urged caution over capital outflows that could arise from further pandemic surges, and financial stability risks related to commodity price rises and debt rollover vulnerabilities in key market segments.

September 2021
Specialists Examine Women’s Empowerment Challenges in Asia, Ways Forward

Gender-responsive policy measures for advancing women’s economic empowerment in Asia were highlighted during a virtual policy dialogue on 30-31 August. Experts shared recommendations for achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality and tackling COVID-19 challenges for women. Among these include inclusive entrepreneurship, gender diversity and gender mainstreaming in management and policymaking, skills development, integration of women in digital and innovative businesses, support for work-family balance, and investment in care economy. View the webinar recording.

August 2021
ADBI Shines Light on Effective Emissions Control Measures for Asia

Policy makers and researchers examined strategies for curtailing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil fuel consumption in Asia during an ADBI virtual workshop on 25-27 August. They stressed the importance of enhancing GHG emissions data quality and tailoring regulations and green transition incentives in-line with domestic conditions. They also discussed emission reduction policies, including carbon taxes, emission trading schemes, and voluntary approaches. View the webinar recording.

August 2021
ADBI Spotlights Keys to Gender-Inclusive Asian Recovery

Imperatives for empowering women disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 crisis were explored during the inaugural ADBI Annual Forum on Expanding Women’s Participation in the Asian Economy on 25 August. Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Chief Economist Jenny Gordon called for policy responses that leverage pandemic-driven social shifts to boost female labor participation and gender-inclusive recovery. Experts also examined pandemic impacts on women in the region, social protection needs, and e-commerce’s role in promoting female entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. View the webinar recording and presentations.