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Ideas for Developing Asia and the Pacific

ADBI Experts

ADBI experts are available for media comment.

Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean


  • Asian economic development
  • Industrial development
  • Small businesses in emerging economies
  • Technology growth
  • Labor productivity and employment

Peter J. Morgan, Senior Consulting Economist, Vice Chair


  • Macroeconomic analysis of Japan and Asia
  • Financial sector regulation, reform, and development
  • Financial inclusion, fintech, financial literacy, and financial education
  • Education and work in the digital age
  • Climate change and green finance

Dil B. Rahut, Senior Research Fellow/Economist


  • Development microeconomics
  • Household economics
  • Agriculture, food, and nutrition
  • Natural resource and environment
  • Rural development

Yixin Yao, Senior Research Fellow


  • Fiscal policy
  • International financial cooperation
  • Sustainable development
  • Green finance
  • Elderly care and aging population-related economic policy

Dina Azhgaliyeva, Research Fellow


  • Energy policy and development in Central Asia and Asia and the Pacific
  • Green finance regulation and growth
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency

John Beirne, Research Fellow


  • Global capital flow developments and global imbalances
  • Financial and business cycles in advanced and emerging economies
  • Monetary and macroprudential policy effectiveness
  • Local currency bond markets in Asia
  • Climate risk and financial challenges

Daniel Suryadarma, Research Fellow


  • Education system performance
  • Social policy development, especially in education, health, and poverty reduction
  • Inclusive economic development, women and the economy , marginalized people
  • Impact of technology on social and economic outcomes
  • Entrepreneurship, informal sector

Linda Arthur, Senior Capacity Building and Training Specialist


  • Comparative policy analysis
  • Education policy reform
  • Project evaluation
  • Portfolio management

Yongwook Lee, Senior Capacity Building and Training Economist


  • Fiscal policy and fiscal sustainability
  • Public debt management
  • Public institution management, state-owned enterprise reform
  • Digitalization of government services

Pitchaya Sirivunnabood, Capacity Building and Training Economist


  • ASEAN/ASEAN +3 financial cooperation
  • Regional financial cooperation and integration
  • Bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, especially in Thailand and ASEAN
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Aging societies and demographic transition

KE Seetha Ram, Senior Consulting Specialist for Capacity Building and Training Projects


  • Infrastructure development in India, South Asia, and Asia and the Pacific
  • Transport infrastructure, particularly high-speed rail and foreign industry investment; ADBI-JR Rail partnership efforts within the sector
  • Natural disaster preparedness
  • Urban resilience
  • Water and sanitation policy, ADBI-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnership efforts within the sector
  • Climate change/sustainable economy
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